Batter Flours

Our range of modified flours can be used as a base for single, two or three stage batter applications.


  • excellent base for wet and dry batters
  • seals in taste and freshness of battered product
  • better and long lasting crispiness of batter
  • improves colour of batter after frying or freezing
  • stable wet batter viscosity after preparation
  • free flowing properties
  • clean label
  • natural product with lower micro bacterial counts


  • dry batters – pre-dust
  • wet batters – improved adhesion quality and stable viscosity
  • cold and frozen batter applications
  • perfect for meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetable industry

The information contained in this sheet should not be construed as recommending the use of our products in violation of any patent, or as warranties (expressed or implied) of non-infringement or fitness for any particular purpose. Prospective purchasers are requested to conduct their own tests and studies to determine the fitness of our products for their own particular purposes and specific applications.

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